On quality management, PT&R Inc. is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our policies and procedures ensure that parts are made to our customer’s specifications with full traceability throughout the manufacturing process from the raw material to the final product.

The parts we make are inspected at every key step of the manufacturing process by trained and experienced staff using tools that are regularly and professionally calibrated by an external certified organization. On the high-tech end, our coordinate measuring machine (CMM)a Zeiss Contura G2enables us to accurately inspect even parts with complicated geometries and required tolerances as tight as .0002.

PT&R Inc. has focused on delivering high quality parts right from our inception. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we credit our rapid growth to our ability to consistently deliver high quality parts on time while maintaining a competitive price.

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  • 1x – CMM Starret RGC-4028-24 (44x67x20)
  • 1x – CMM Zeiss Contura G2 10/16/6RDS (36x39x20)
  • 2x – Mitoyo Digital Calipers 12”
  • 1x – Surface Granite Plate 48” x 48” (Clean Room Inspection)
  • 4x – Mitoyo Dial Calipers 6″
  • 1x – Mitoyo Calipers 24”
  • 2x – Mitoyo Height Gage 24” Digital/Dial
  • 1x – Set of Micrometers 1” to 24”
  • 3x – Set of Depth Micrometer 4”
  • 8x – Set of Deltronic Pin Gage
  • 6x – Mitutoyo Digital Calipers 6”
  • 6x – Set of Pin Gages .060” to .750”
  • 1x – Mitutoyo Calipers 80″