PT&R Inc. provides full, precision CNC mill and lathe machining services. We are also able to ensure the quality of parts, even those with complicated geometries or tight tolerances, through our inspection processes and equipment which includes a Zeiss Contura G2 CMM. In addition to machining, we can also take care of a wide-variety of finishes (passivation, anodizing, bead-blasting, heat-treating, powder coating and more) and part-marking needs for you as well.

Backed by seasoned entrepreneurs, PT&R Inc. is also uniquely positioned to grow to meet your current and future manufacturing needs. We have the capital and access to the bay area’s large workforce of skilled machinists and programmers to readily increase our manufacturing capacity should the changing needs of our customers call for it. As such you can look to us not only for your current needs but also as a partnership that can help you efficiently meet future demands for your products.

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We have extensive experience in working with a wide variety of metals and plastics including but not limited to:

Aluminum – 6061, 7050, 7075, 2024, 1100, MIC-6
Steel – A36, 300M, 1018, 4140, 4130, Tool Steel (A2, D2, H13, O1, S7, W1)
Stainless Steel – 303, 304, 316, 17-4, 15-5, 465
Other Metals – Titanium, Bronze (C932), Brass (C360), Copper (C101, C110)
Plastics & Other Materials – Delrin, Peek, Polycarbonate, UHMW, Garolite G10, Ultem, Corecell Foam


CNC Milling Machines (14 machines) 

CNC Horizontal Machines (2 machines)

CNC Lathe Machines (4 machines)


  • CMM Starret RGC-4028-24 (44x67x20)
  • CMM Zeiss Contura G2 10/16/6RDS (36x39x20)
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